GreenSpan: High Voltage Energy Comes In Green

GreenSpanWith his 3rd release fast approaching, Greenspan continues to cultivate his undeniably fierce identity.  Awarded the FAB Award’s Best Local Artist in 2009 and raved about by celebrity Khloe Kardashian, Greenspan has energy that’s hard to ignore and can’t be contained.  His live performances have been known as powerful and vigorous, offering his audience every ounce of his soul.

D.A.M.:   Congratulations on being awarded the FAB Awards 2009, Best Local Artist.  Any special awards this year you wish to obtain?
Greenspan: No Particular awards.  I want to continue to move forward and give people the best music I possibly can and do more great performance implementing live instrumentation.

D.A.M.:  You are a founding member of the Federal Reserve Music Group?  Tell me, what are the latest projects?

Greenspan: GOT GREEN? 2 will be released in March. It’s my 3rd release.  And we are also working on an album with a producer by the name of Sakwe, to be release in the spring.

D.A.M.:   Would you say your music is inspired by your life, being born and  raised, in Baltimore?

Greenspan: My music is expressive. Baltimore is my primary surrounding but I travel. So I allow all of my experiences to influence what I say on record.  I've been recording music for almost 7 years.

D.A.M.:  What was your life like before you found music?
Greenspan:  Before music I was a young man working to find something better in life.  I'm always trying to find more; something better in life.

D.A.M.:  As a person successfully trying to live life to the fullest, what advise can you offer others who want to follow your same path?
Greenspan: You can't follow the same path.  Have a definite chief aim, develop a plan and implement that plan.  Be fearless.

D.A.M.:  Your favorite song, of yours of course, what would it be?
Greenspan: Favorite Greenspan song: "Slice" (from Got Green?)

D.A.M.:  Your favorite artist, besides you of course, who would it be?
Greenspan: Erykah Badu

D.A.M.:   Look into the future and tell me what you see for Greenspan 2020
Greenspan: On the Cover of several publications or in Heaven (who knows).

D.A.M.:  Tell me how you came about making the song about Khloe Kardashian ? Was there a particular moment where you decided to produce a song about her?
Greenspan: I was watching the 'Kardashians' on TV and listening to the track produced by Kleph Dollaz... and it just happened.

D.A.M.:  You received amazing healthy reviews about the song on her website.  Have you spoken to her or perhaps any of her other family members?
Greenspan: None of her family. We were in touch with her representation.

D.A.M.:  Greenspan -   tell me, what does it mean?  How did the name come about?
Greenspan: Your art allows you to be creative with your identity... so... I am Greenspan.

Find out more about Greenspan at and  Check out his live performances.  You won’t be disappointed!